7 Money Saving Tips For Booking Flight Tickets

January 5, 2018


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Booking flight tickets might be a task in itself even for seasoned travelers. It is appropriate to choose the right airline that fulfills your basic requirements while you book Musafir flight tickets. And therefore doing a proper background study helps in saving money on the airfare.

In this post, we reveal to you 7 money saving tips for booking flight tickets. Keeping these in mind, you can be assured of maximum savings on your flight ticket as well as getting maximum fun out of your holiday. Read on to know more…

#1 Book your tickets early

The closer you book your tickets to your flying dates, the more expensive they are going to be. Hence it is recommended that you book your flight tickets well in advance, most preferably five to six weeks prior to taking off. This will free you of the pressure of making some last moment decisions and simultaneously help you crack a cheaper deal!

#2 Avoid booking tickets on weekends

Weekends are the most sought after days for travelling and making your flight bookings on these days might not help you save money on airfare. Try booking your tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as these are the mid-days of the week and not many passengers opt to travel on these days, helping you save tremendously on your flight ticket.

#3 Make the booking in the morning

Did you know that the cheapest deals are available online early in the morning? The reason is simple: not many would get out of bed to strike this golden opportunity available at their disposal. Hence if you are looking forward to saving money on your flight ticket, ensure that you make the booking in the wee hours of the morning. Trust us, it is worth bidding adieu to bed for a day for the sake of your wallet!

#4 Be loyal to a particular airline

Being a frequent flyer on an airline gives you many benefits, the point system being a major one. For example if you are a frequent flyer on Air India, every time you make a booking with the airline, some points are credited to your account. When these points reach a significant number, they can be traded to avail some discounts on your flight ticket, thus helping you save money.

#5 Compare the prices of the tickets on different websites

If you are someone who does some online shopping, you know what we’re talking about. The same product is available at different prices on different websites, and so is the case with your flight tickets. Do not make hasty decisions, be patient and take the time out to do some research. Compare the prices on different websites so that you can be assured of saving money on your flight ticket.

#6 Consider the option of layovers and connecting flights

Unless you are travelling for some business purposes, keep your mind flexible with regard to layovers and connecting flights. Statistics have shown that at times, it is much cheaper to fly to a place on a connecting flight rather than fly directly to it, especially in the case of a long haul flight. Hence do not be rigid and consider the idea of making your bookings on a connecting flight.

#7 Cut down on your baggage fees

When on a holiday, pack things that are essential to the journey and not the entire cupboard! This will help you minimize the fees you pay for check-in bags. A good way to tackle this is to weigh your bags at home prior to weighing them at the airport. In case your bag weighs more than the permissible limit of the airline, remove the extra stuffing and fly at ease.

With all these tips, we’re sure all you want to do is pack your suitcase right away and head to your favourite destination. Wish you a happy holiday!

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